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About us is a leading waterproofing contractors and service providers in Mumbai and Thane since 2002. We specialise in diagnosis and treatment. We have special machines for injection grouting. Our expertise is to diagnose the problem from the source.

With growing urbanisation and compacting houses, the concept got diluted and as such little attention was paid to creating a water tight house. No wonder, one starts seeing dark patches, wet and leaking ceilings and discoloration of walls. While we all want a fresh new look, we have to settle for a damp wall which invites recurring costs.

This wet wall not only looks bad but is an invitation for diseases and early wearing of buildings. We recognise this as a growing challenge and hence we specialise in bathroom leakage solutions and general water proofing services in Thane and Mumbai.

Water – Proofing is a simple exercise  which involves:

  • Proper diagnosis.
  • Proper procedures.
  • Elimination of problem from source.

Based on our inspection, we prepare a detailed report of the seepage and provide corrective action.  This is due to  our thorough understand of

  • How water moves in the built-form.
  • The right selection of construction chemicals and application procedures.
  • On site survey after completion of treatment to assess complete solution of leakage problems.

We have received multiple orders for preventing leakage and water seepage. We have been successful in diagnosing problems and providing waterproofing services in Mumbai and Thane. The range of projects include, terrace leakage, wet room leakage, external façade leakage, rising dampness, basement leakage covering a wide spectrum of sources.

Our Services

Preventive water proofing

At construction stage of the building

Involves consultancy as well as proper selection of water-proofing treatment.

During renovation works of interior of residential/commercial premises

Preparation of surfaces to separate the wet areas and protect /restore structural members as required

Diagnosis & Treatment of the leakage & seepage

Terrace – Flat as well as sloping roof

Flat terrace slabs and slopping roofs experience the maximum stress of rains coupled with weather conditions of service nature especially in summer in India. This leaves the surface vulnerable and hence prone to cracks and leakages.

Pergola – At Terrace/Podium/ Entrance level

Pergolas are ornamental/weather shed over hangs at various levels exposed to weathering conditions and wind pressure and susceptible to cracks at joints, leading to leakage.

Swimming Pool

Swimming pool is an open water tank exposed to weather, abrasions and ageing that results in seepages especially affecting the pools at higher level than ground.

Water Tank

Similar to swimming pools though not open, face the harsh weather.   Leakage issues are similar to pools.


These are the areas that form part of the interior wet areas and leakages in these areas may be slow but concealed plumbing can make the process difficult and expensive.

Extended Balconies

These are overhangs covered from top and receive rains with winds. Situation is similar to terrace though not as intense.


Podium in modern buildings have several structural joints due to large expanse and this needs specialized treatments.


Basements are prone to leakage from rains, surface water, sub-soil water, services and more, including structural joints, similar to podium. Basement also needs specialized treatments for long term solutions.

Terrace Garden:

Terrace gardens are of two types, viz.
a) plants growing in free standing pots and
b) Plants/trees growing directly over the built form in sunk pits. Proper and adequate drainage is the first key to sustainable terrace garden and sound water-proofing is equally important.

Expansion Joints:

Expansion joints are an integral part of any modern building.

Sealing and Bonding:

Sealing of joints and bonding of different layers in the built form to perform in unison. Often neglected, this is what leads to recurring costs incurred by inhabitants of the building for years to come.

Injection Grouting:

Preventive as well as curative injection grouting assists in penetration of chemicals under pressure within the built form.

Our works

Kalaghoda, Mumbai


Residence in Andheri

Leakage from external wall of the building
Problem solved at chajja outside

Residence in Thane

Leakage from terrace above
Leakage resolved at terrace source level

Private Residence, Goregaon, Mumbai


GobindSadan,Sion (w),Mumbai

Severe dripping of water from terrace slab during rains. Rectified by relaying top surface of terrace with application of water-proof chemical above BBC and on cracks and joints on terrace parapet & chajjas/watas etc.


Severe dripping of water from drain lines in raised slab. Rectified by making channels along plumbing lines and sealing all surfaces with water-proofing chemical followed by PCC which is then sealed with a layer of water-proofing chemicals.

Injection Grouting At Lalbaug

Injection grouting regardless of materials used is a simple process of injecting water-proofing chemical with OR without use of cement to penetrate inside the structural member or wall under desired pressue such that the pores/cracks or voids are filled with the water-proofing material and the structure is restored to it’s earlier solid state and thus prevents the passage of water either through gravity/absorption/capillary action. Injection grouting is an option second to solving problem at source and is recommended only if source is either unknown OR inaccessible.
Plastered Wall
Exposed Brick Wall

17 Storey Building,Mulund(E),Mumbai

DESCRIPTION- Wet area / Bathroom water-proofing is an 2 part process.
          1.Separating the RCC sunk slab by providing cementious polymer layer.
2. Bulking layer to house the drain lines and provide desired slope.

Water Tank in Thane and Chembur

Sealant Application

Terrace In Mumbai & Thane


1.Office at Churchgate ,Mumbai


3.Showroom,Pokhran Rd 2,Thane

4.Showroom,Paanch Rasta,Mulund


6.Oberoi Complex- JVLR, Andheri

7.Farm House - District, Thane.

8.Upcoming residential tower- Mulund.

9.Restaurant in Kamla Mills Compound,
Lower Parel.

10.Residence in Kalyan

11.Water Tank in Thane and Chembur

12.Terrace in Thane

13.Beau Monde, Prabhadevi

14.Arya Samaj, Mumbai

15.Residences in Airoli


1.Ensure adequate ventilation

2.Seal join of openings

3.Avoid adhoc changes in plumbing joints and electrical lines

4.Avoid washing the floor daily

5.Do "putty" before painting


1.Request from customer

2.Site visit inspection - Individual flat/Galas - visual survey of sources of leakage
   (Rs. 1000/- per visit).

3.Site Visit and Inspection - Residential Buildings and Commercial Establishments- Visual survey and detailed report with cost analysis (Rs.5000/- min)

4.Execution of work - as per detailed report

5.Post Work Inspection (6 months and 1 year)

Blog is a leading waterproofing contractors and service providers in Mumbai and Thane since 2002. We specialise in diagnosis and treatment.

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