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Bathroom- A personal space

Modern Living has given us an additional room within our rooms- Bathroom – a space where we unwind and the last thing we would want is that while we are in the bathroom it reminds us of the leakages and seepages.

Why do bathroom leaks, well, where there is water there is scope for leakage, like no smoke without fire. We need to ensure that the design of the bathroom is perfect to the tee, right from layout, to joinery details, plumbing and other services and housing of sanitary-ware and sanitary fixtures, not to forget sound waterproofing.

While all goes right absence of sound waterproofing is like moving out on a rainy day without umbrella or drive a car in the rains without wiper. Easy said than done what is sound waterproofing for a bathroom:

The 4 pillars for a water tight bathroom are:

  1. Separation layer between our floor and lower floor.
  2. Proper encasing of all drain lines on the sunk floor or above as the case may be.
  3. Sealing of all the tile joints in floor and walls.
  4. Proper Insulation of hot water lines.

The icing on the cake is skilled workmanship by an expert bathroom leakage solution service provider and there is no discounting on this trait.

For the perfect waterproof design and execution do avail services of best waterproofing contractors in Thane.

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