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Bathroom Renovation Tips for Indian Homes

Research shows that renovation of the bathroom and kitchen is done more than any
other part of the home. Everyone wants to create bathrooms that look like those we
seen in movies and luxury hotels. A fully equipped and luxurious bathroom has
become a norm in modern homes and hence renovation is happening at a frenzied
It makes sense to check the bathroom for water leakages before the renovation and
carry out bathroom leakage solutions. Once this is done, you can experiment a bit
and implement the latest ideas to give your bathroom a fabulous new look. Don’t
forget to check these amazing tips to help you while you do that:
 Functionality of the bathroom: It is important to consider the usability and
functionality when planning to renovate the bathroom. The size of the
bathroom is a factor that needs to be considered before deciding on the
bathroom fittings and accessories. A bathtub may not fit into your bathroom
but a Western or Indian-style toilet may be needed. Check the functionality of
any accessories you plan to fit and then take the final call.
 Colour theme of the bathroom: It is a good idea to collect ideas about
renovating the bathroom and make a list of the accessories, before embarking
on the road to renovation. This will help you to visualize how the bathroom will
look like after the remodelling is done. White and blue are favourite colours for
bathrooms while brown and white are quite popular too. For a fancy and
sophisticated look, try white or off-white colours for floor and wall tiles and
matching colours for toilet pots and wash basins.
 Shower is a must: Every bathroom must have a shower irrespective whether
it is a small or a large one. There are many types of showers available in the
market so choose as per your need and bathroom size. Rain shower is a very
popular type while hand shower is a pretty functional one. You can also install
the shower panel where there are tiny showers all over but make sure you
install a glass screen to prevent the rest of the bathroom from getting wet.
 Bathroom tiling is a crucial area: Depending on your budget and design
preferences, you can choose bathroom tiles. Choose anti-skid floor tiles if you
have senior citizens or little kids in your home. If the bathroom is small,
choose lighter shades for tiles and paint while a combination of light wall tiles
with dark coloured floor tiles can be used.
Check your home and bathroom area for any kind of seepage and carry out
necessary repair work only after addressing the problems. Modern technology allows
waterproofing in heavy rains too so do no worry about the season. These tips will
help you to take well-informed decisions while renovating the bathroom and have a
lot of fun while doing so.

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