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Bathroom waterproofing in modern residential towers

Gone are the times when bathrooms were drab places that merely served the function of
freshening up. In modern residential towers of today, bathrooms are fancy, good-looking,
personal spaces that are customized to suit individual needs and are vital to get refreshed
and rejuvenated after a tiring day. A lot of time and money is put nowadays to ensure that
these personal spaces are built as per individual choice.
While the entire home is subject to the hazards of weather, it is the bathroom that needs to
be carefully waterproofed since it deals with water on a daily basis. The décor of your well-
designed home can get disturbed proper care isn’t taken and professional waterproofing contractors in Thane
are not entrusted with the work. Your bathroom will get frequently
exposed to water penetration through gaps and this could result in a large annual
maintenance cost.
The following are the common defects found in bathroom, toilets and other wet areas of the
Cracked Tiles: Bathroom tiles may lose their watertight properties and could be
damaged by other construction activity if they haven’t been soaked well and tapped
into the right position.
Seepage through structural joints: This is often a result of poor application and the
use of inferior material quality. In this case, the main water source can remain
undetected and remain unrepaired until it is too late.
Debonding of Tiles: This problem can occur improper detailing of joints or
inadequate provision of space. Insufficient curing or improper mixing can also lead to
excessive shrinkage of the substrate and thus tile debonding.
Leakage through concrete: Because of insufficient mixing and bad design, water
retention occurs in the concrete, which remains damp for long periods.
Leakage through floor traps: Water seepage through the joints is possible if the
floor trap is laid improperly along the slope of the bathroom. Improper application of
membrane around the pipes or insufficient protection could also lead to leakage
through traps.
Leakage through pipe joints: When the plumber leaves gaps at the pipe joints and
junctions and insufficient protection are provided to concealed pipe joints, water can
easily seep through and cause severe damage to the bathroom and surrounding

The construction of the bathroom needs an assembly of various components and materials
in areas like walls, flooring and architectural finishing. It also includes sanitary fittings and
pipes which makes it vulnerable to natural movement. The tiles can shift as a result of this
movement, resulting in dampness and leakage through the walls. Unless waterproofing
systems and bathroom leakage solutions are not selected and applied carefully, it will
cause premature failure against water seepage and lead to time-consuming and costly
repairs or replacement.

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