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Tell-tale signs that your home foundation needs quick attention

We all want to keep our home, strong and problem-free for years to come as it provides us with lifelong security. One of the most expensive repairs that one could face are related to the foundation of the home and hence it is best to know the prominent signs of warning. By identifying potential problems […]


Terrace water-proofing

The right slope is the Best form of water-proofing, as sloped roof does not allow the water to stay, and hence seepage of water does not occur. The story in real world is not that simple. Flat or sloping roofs has to bear the rigorous of nature more than any other part of the building […]


Bathroom Leakage solutions

Bathroom is a room too. Over the years I have realised that the last thing you need to waterproof a bathroom is good waterproofing. More important is to have right slopes, proper provisioning of each facility within the bathroom. And proper designing of all the plumbing facilities. And yes good light and ventilation. Skilled workmanship […]


Bathroom Leakage

In earlier ages, washroom was constructed out of the house. Many houses in our native places still follow the same system. With growing urbanisation and compacting houses, the concept got diluted and as such little attention was paid to creating a water tight house. No wonder, one starts seeing dark patches, wet and leaking ceilings […]