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Why do building structures attract the growth of Algae, Moss and Mold?

The growth of algae, moss or mold has always been a problem for structures of every kind as it not only spoils the aesthetics but weakens the build quality too. To understand why they grow on walls, ceilings and floors along with leakage, it is important to find out the correlation of this leakage with […]


Free Leakage Seminar

I love clean, dry and sparkling buildings!!! Am I alone? Definitely ‘NOT’! We all communicate the same feelings, it’s ‘Human’. Human development of dwellings is based on the fundamental fact that we keep the climate and it’s effect out and water is NO exemption. I wish to ask you, like most countries in the worlds, […]


How to identify hidden causes of Leakage in your Home

We spend a lot of money on the interiors of our homes in order to give them a modern and smart look. The aesthetics of our home matter a lot, not only because we live in it but also to create a nice impression on those who visit us. Leakages, mouldy furniture and broken tiles […]


Working with a specialist is the key to addressing bathroom leakages in your home

Water seepage is a serious problem that affects the health of your home and your family and hence should be addressed as soon as it arises. By carrying out timely waterproofing, you will be able to save a lot of money, time and damage to your home. Waterproofing prevents water from entering the home through […]


Where will you find most germs in your home?

Our home is a fertile breeding ground for germs which can lead to diseases and viruses. There are many kinds of mould, bacteria, yeast and germs spread across our home and need to be controlled through focussed and regular cleaning. You will be surprised to know that the least expected places are more prone to […]


How to locate the cause of water leakage and identify them

Water is an essential commodity we humans cannot live without. It is important to shut taps and faucets tightly and use water judiciously. If you find there is water leakage in your home or office, make sure you find out its source and use the best techniques available to do so. The first step to […]