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Dampness on your Home Walls is a cause for Worry

Do you see damp patches on the walls at home? Fungus spots on the ceiling? Layers of flaking paint? Or Mildew on walls? If the answers to above questions are in the affirmative, it is time to wake up to these tell-tale signs. These are signals your home it giving out that it is under […]


Leaky Planters

Go Green is the mantra of modern living. Plants are a part of our living habitat inside out. Be it potted plants, plant pits, flower bed or mother earth, we never miss a chance to get it as close to us as possible. The one major force of repulsion for abundant plantation other than carrying […]


Bathroom waterproofing in modern residential towers

Gone are the times when bathrooms were drab places that merely served the function of freshening up. In modern residential towers of today, bathrooms are fancy, good-looking, personal spaces that are customized to suit individual needs and are vital to get refreshed and rejuvenated after a tiring day. A lot of time and money is […]


Preformed and Liquid applied Waterproofing Membrane Systems

Waterproofing is an extreme aspect of construction and building structures. Good waterproofing is important that can have an impact on the life of your home and hence it is necessary to make use of the best technique and systems in the field. Most quality conscious waterproofing contractors in Thane utilize processes like Preformed and Liquid […]


Premature deterioration of structures, its reasons and solutions

Loss of reinforcement quality and deterioration of building structures happens if no or low-quality waterproofing is done. To avoid this, along with waterproofing, it is also important to use additional concrete cover in order to protect the steel bars and reinforce the quality. Concrete covers helps to prevent corrosion of the steel bars and provides […]