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At Source Water-proofing

Often time I am asked. “What is the best form of water-proofing” and I reply that be it the terrace, terrace garden, façade, tank, swimming pool, wet room, podium, basement the best form of water-proofing is to resolve the leakage at source. Plug it and forget it. Water-proofing chemicals are just by the way.

Negative side  of waterproofing is like hitting in the dark, nor is the target known, nor is it visible and definitely the problem is not resolved at source, hence it will reoccur sooner or later probably more profusely causing more damage than before.

Like in case of our body, right diagnosis is half treatment, in case of leakage and seepages too, the correct diagnosis of source and extend of leakage is half problem resolved. The remaining half is done by solving the problem at source. Leakages could be external ,where in we should involve the agency who deal in External Waterproofing in Mumbai, in many cases is the related to wet-rooms then we should get in touch with  Bathroom leakage solution experts.

Negative water-proofing is at technique by which we are only plugging the passage way of water leakage and that too with the use of expensive chemicals, whereas positive side water-proofing for a longer term.

In case of the positive side of the leakage is not accessible , then and only then should we use negative side water-proofing with proper care taken that there is no damage caused to the structure due to enhanced and controlled pressure beyond the bearing capacity of the structure.

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