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Five easy-to- follow Home Renovation tips for Indian Homes

If you are one of those individuals who hate clutter in your home and love the
minimalistic look, then this article is definitely for you. You can create a cool and
relaxing environment in your home where calm and serenity rules the day. You can
read, write, listen to music here without a worry in the world. A small space can look
larger if the right kind of colour combinations, accessories and furniture are used.
In addition to the looks, prudent home owners are concerned about the health of
their homes too, so make sure any kind of water seepage isn’t happening in the
background. If so, check for waterproofing and bathroom leakage solutions to
improve the life of your home and safeguard the health of your loved ones too. The
best part is that these tips will work perfectly whether you own a compact studio
apartment or a two-bedroom apartment. If you are worried that home renovation will
become an expensive affair then you will surely be surprised when you read these
simple and inexpensive home renovation tips:
1. Use white colour to paint your walls and choose white based furniture to calm
your senses and relax you. Vibrant colours may create a few disturbances so
it is best to steer clear of them, especially if your room sizes are small. An
ivory white shade will the right amount of plaster-of- Paris to balance the plain
look will not only create an illusion of space but will add a lot of sophistication
to your living space.
2. You can fit lamps with shades pointing towards the ceiling to scatter the light
on the wall and the ceiling. A couple of such lamps will do wonders to
enhancing the comfort level of your home. Choose soft yellow bulbs to
augment the look further.
3. Add a unique but simple bookshelf to add a bit of class to your home. If you
are an avid reader and already possess a good collection of books, then you
will love to display them. Choose a cosy corner to stack this vertical bookshelf
and place a comfortable wooden chair beside it to complete the look.
4. If your room size does not demand the presence of a sofa, choose chairs and
futons instead. Choose wood over any other material to enhance the décor as
they look elegant and are long-lasting too. Make sure the centre space of your
home is empty to give it a roomy look.
5. Low-level furniture makes the room look larger than it is and is a wonderful
choice where there is a space crunch. Instead of a bed, get a thick mattress
and cover it with soft furnishings. Place colourful cushions and bolsters over it
and watch it become your favourite place in the home. Use pastel colour
sheets to cover it and add contrasting colour cushions for a warm and classy
look. Get a tall lamp with covered shades and place it in its vicinity to create
that elegant space you always wanted.

Before investing in these home renovation ideas, speak to a few waterproofing
contractors in mumbai and make sure your home is leakage-free. Let your ideas
flow freely and express them in a creative manner to give your home a unique and
comfortable look.

Ensure your home is filled with fragrance at all times since it calms the senses and
relaxes the body too. Invest in an automatic room freshener that will spray fragrance
at regular intervals. Choose neutral flavours and avoid powerful and overwhelming
ones to suit needs of every family member.
Music and music-related items are great conversation-starters. Use this to enhance
the entertainment quotient of your home by adding decals or classic black and white
posters to your living space.

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