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Free Leakage Seminar

I love clean, dry and sparkling buildings!!! Am I alone? Definitely ‘NOT’! We all communicate the same feelings, it’s ‘Human’. Human development of dwellings is based on the fundamental fact that we keep the climate and it’s effect out and water is NO exemption.

I wish to ask you, like most countries in the worlds, don’t we too deserve,

  1. Clean and dry building façades
  2. Basements that don’t leak in the rains
  3. Terraces that are water-tight
  4. Building Entrances that smell GOOD
  5. And, our homes where we live happy and healthy, in a dry and hygienic environment.

In modern residential buildings, we have services running horizontally/vertically along the entire building and water is no exception. As a matter of fact, water often is not at room temperature, it may be much hotter OR cooler than room temperature and w/o proper insulation it leads to dampness due to condensation. Also, every room of the house has at least one wall attached to a wet area. To add to all this we have rains that get water top/down as well as from the façade walls. Thus, from terrace to basement and everything that comes in-between, there is a movement of water. Then how can our home and the entire building blossom like a LOTUS in the pond?

We wish that water leakage/seepage did not happen. We may have to engage agencies that provide Building waterproofing services as it leads to expenses and inconvenience. The other reason is cleanliness and hygiene which is most important. Try this, how does one feel when he/she wakes up in the morning after sleeping in an air-conditioned room which has high humidity or foul air due to leakages? Wet ceilings, wet floors and even worse wet walls are all difficult to clean, dust adheres to these surfaces, dry sweeping is impossible and this leads to the growth of bacteria, insects, and foul smell too.

To add to the problem is the most basic question, whom to call when you have persistent leakage in your homes, what you need is someone who is seriously committed to diagnosing your leakage source and giving proper remedy. The ultimate question is “do you wish to fix it or correct it at source?”

Essentials of a Good Water-proofing company

  1. Superior quality workmanship and material
  2. Accurate problem diagnosis
  1. Trustworthy and trained staff
  2. Long-term solutions

Services offered by us:

  1. All types of curative water-proofing systems
  2. Coatings of walls and roofs
  3. Roof / Terrace repairs
  4. Damp proofing – lateral and rising dampness
  5. Tanking – basements and retaining walls
  6. Crystalline waterproofing
  7. Basement waterproofing     

So, if your last experience has not been very good, it’s likely that you have dialled a wrong no, it’s time to get a proper diagnosis done. As leading waterproofing contractors in Mumbai, we also conduct free seminars for societies, wherein we can explain to people why leakages happen in the first place and how to prevent leakages with minimal breakage.


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