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Home Decor Ideas to Inspire Your Next Home Renovation

Each one of us wants to decorate our homes as per our dreams and desires. It is not
impossible to do so, provided you spend some time on planning and meticulous
preparation. Home décor is a budget-sensitive topic and depends a lot on the
finances you have marked out for this purpose.
Before you begin working on your dream project, you will have to search for reliable
waterproofing contractors in Thane who will ensure your hard-earned money and
effort does not get wasted by water leaks in your home. Once this is taken care of,
check out these awesome ideas to help you give your home a complete make0ver
and stay within the desired budget.
Proper Planning: Every project needs proper planning if it has be executed in a
flawless manner. When it comes to home décor, spend some time listing out the
steps to be taken and the budget for the same. Plan it well so that you do not go
overboard with your finances and regret doing so. The World Wide Web is full of
recommendations from home décor experts, the latest designs and discounts for
products and services. Check them out before you begin working on your home
Recycle & Reuse: Look around your house before the demolition work begins and
you will find that there is a lot of stuff lying around which can be reused. The old
centre table can be transformed in to a stylish one with some minor changes and
some out-of- the-box thinking. Unconventional décor attracts a lot of attention and
can prove to be conversation starters when you have guests and friends visiting your
new home. Try a different polish or colour that bookshelf with matte-coloured paints
to give it a stunning look.
Play with colours: For a truly chic and trendy look for your home, do not be afraid to
experiment and trod the untrodden path. Bold colours, unique patterns and unusual
designs can add that much needed x-factor to your home. Allow your home to bathe
in the rainbow of colours that are at our disposal and watch the accolades flow your
way. A single wall with a completely contrasting colour can prove to be a game-
changer for your home.
Take the minimalistic route: The first rule of carrying out a home makeover is to
dispose all the stuff that is barely used and has been lying in storage for years. Keep
rooms spacious and free up some space for your family members to move around.
Do not bring in a new fancy chair unless the old one finds another place in the home
and does not clutter your home in any way. Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra
recommend de-cluttering of the living space to keep negative forces at bay.
Curtain it up: The use of curtains and blinds in your home will add a lot of warmth
and sophistication to your home. Choose the right kind of fabric and colour for
curtains so the room does not seem swamped by it. Rich drapes in the living room
add grace and glamour to it while soft pastel shades in the bedroom give it a warm

and comfortable feel. Curtains play a huge role in creating a cosy feeling whether it
is your bedroom, a small study or the living room.
Windows are essential: Use up the window space in your home sensibly by adding
a sitting area to it or cladding it with decorative wall tiles. Ensure the windows are
wide to give the area a spacious look. Engage the services of expert waterproofing
contractors in Mumbai while renovating your home as water seepage can ruin your
effort and money.

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