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Home Decor Tips for Monsoon

Come monsoon and homeowners around the country get into a home-care mode,
keeping their homes safe from the seepages and leakages that can come in
unannounced. It is also time to add doormats, put out awnings in the balcony and
ensure the windows are sealed properly. You can make some much-needed
changes to your home décor without waiting for the rains to take a breather.
By engaging agencies who carry out external waterproofing in Mumbai, it is possible
to keep your home dry and safe as you and your family members will be spending
more time indoors. Add some brightness and warmth to your home redoing your
interiors a bit and freshening things up to counter the dull and wet weather outside.
Paint your home with fresh and bright colours which will brighten up your mood.
Warm and lively colours like oranges and yellows can give your rooms a total
makeover. Remember that during monsoons the weather outside will be dark and
gloomy so stay away from dark colours. Maximize every streak of light that enters
your home by allowing those light colours to reflect off the surface.
The use of proper lighting can go a long way in ensuring that the effect of the
gloomy, dark weather is suppressed to a great extent. Bring out those lamps and
chandeliers and replace white lights with yellow ones to give a warmer feel to your
home. Those woollen carpets need to take a backseat now so wrap them up in
plastic sheets till the monsoon fades away. Use cotton or fibre rugs instead.
Keep muddy footprints and wet feet away from ruining the rugs and floor by setting
up cotton doormats at the entrances to every room. Since you would have already
carried out external waterproofing in Thane, your home is now ready to face the
challenges of monsoon.

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