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How to carry out bathroom waterproofing the right way

Unlike the rest of your home, the bathroom is a perennially wet area that is subjected to the
impact, often unseen, of water. It may occupy less than 10% of the entire home space, but
when it has to be repaired or upgraded, it can take up a large chunk of your budget, not to
mention the annual maintenance.
Hiring professional waterproofing contractors in Mumbai is the best way of ensuring that
this critical process is carried out perfectly. Here is a comprehensive checklist you can follow
while waterproofing your bathroom:
 Tanking is a mandatory process while carrying out waterproofing the bathroom. This
includes covering the periphery of bathroom walls with cement-based waterproofing
membrane with a brush. The right slope is to be maintained so that water
accumulation does not happen.
 The waterproofing membrane should be applied up to 150 mm along the adjacent
wall and a marble slab or concrete kerb should be provided to ensure water doesn’t
escape out.
 Use waterproofing tape from a reputed brand around pipe joints to keep them
protected and the bathroom floor should then be laid later. This will help in creating a
leakproof bathroom that remains dry for years to come.
 The use of polymer-based cement is recommended to round off corners between
floors and walls. Thick cement sand mortar should be laid over waterproof membrane
before the embedded pipes are laid.
 All floor traps and pipe insertions have to be covered with waterproofing tape and
sealed at joints. Do not use cement to fit pipes to masonry gaps, instead use a non-
shrink cementitious grout to ensure watertight fittings.
One of the most important rules of Bathroom leakage solutions is to use waterproof
adhesive beneath tiles as cement can settle down and cause cracking under the tiles. The
above tips can be pretty useful to keep your bathroom completely waterproof for years to

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