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How To Choose The Right Flooring For Your Home

The flooring of your home plays a vital role while enhancing the ambience of your
home and creating a good impression on guests. Your choice of floor or floor
covering will depend upon your lifestyle and the climate of your city. With a massive
variety of floorings available, it is easy to get confused and make the wrong choice.
The following is an easy-to- follow compilation of the pros and cons of different types
of flooring and floor coverings. Experts recommend addressing leakage issues
before carrying out large-scale renovation or repair work in your home from
waterproofing contractors in Thane.
1. Ceramic Tile Flooring: You should consider the use of ceramic tiles if you are
keen on low maintenance and high durability. Ceramic tiles are ideal for
homes that have high traffic and lots of footfalls. They are suitable for warm
climates and since they can be recycled, they are environment-friendly too.
Ceramic tiles are highly resistant to scratches which can occur if you have
heavy furniture or enthusiastic kids (and their friends) in the house. Ceramic
tiles may feel smooth and therefore many users find them to be slippery. You
will have to be careful while walking especially when the tiles are wet. Try
hand-painted tiles in the living room or in the dining space if you want to
create a different look.
2. Stone or Slate Flooring: Want to give a timeless, elegant look to your home?
Choose slate or stone floors as they look great and have a long life span.
Stone flooring are durable, absorb heat and are capable of withstanding high
temperatures. Granite, marble, kota and slate are a part of stone flooring. If
your budget permits, granite or marble flooring can look quite grand and will
add a lot of value to your home. Kota tiles are quite versatile and can be used
indoors and outdoors. Slate flooring works to your advantage if your budget is
3. Laminated Flooring: This is a great option if you do not want to dig up the
entire house. Laminated flooring can be installed over your existing floor and
is available in a variety of designs and textures. Actual wooden flooring is
expensive and may not suit your budget. Try wooden laminated flooring that
matches the original look and gives the feel of wood too. However, laminated
flooring is not as long-lasting as ceramic or stone and is prone to get
damaged during rough use. It cannot be refinished and can create a tapping
noise when you walk over it wearing your shoes.
4. Carpet Flooring: This highly popular and attractive flooring type is available in
a wide range of textures and patterns. It can create a feeling of warmth and
comfort in your home and family members will love to walk over it as it
absorbs sound due to its texture. However, it has drawbacks like dust mites
and there is a need to vacuum it regularly.
5. Bamboo Flooring: This is the perfect flooring for you if you want to protect the
environment and do not want to compromise of the flooring quality either.

Bamboo flooring is known for its durability and is harder as compared to
hardwoods. It is easy to clean, moisture-resistant and is almost maintenance
free. Its economical price makes it a popular choice amongst home owners
who are on a tight budget. However, bamboo flooring is not resistant to
scratches etc. especially if you like to drag your furniture around every few
days. If you have sunlight streaming into your home for a long time, there are
chances of it fading and losing its original sheen.
Special note: Before placing an order to carry out flooring, speak to an agency that
carries out reliable external waterproofing in Thane so your effort and money does
not go down the drain.

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