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Key Areas you should consider while waterproofing your home

We consider our home to be a safe haven for ourselves and our family but if it is not properly waterproofed, the primary purpose of creating it is defeated. So what is the best way to create a waterproof home? The foundation to your home has to be sturdy, waterproofed and resilient which is a mandate.

Apart from that, you will have to focus on these four important areas when you engage the best waterproofing contractors in Mumbai to work on your home. They are:

The roof: This is a critical portion of your home since it is always exposed to elements like heat, cold and rain. There is constant contraction and expansion happening due to its exposure to heat and cold which leads to cracks. When rain water seeps into these cracks, it leads to leakage in your home.

Water Tank: Water tanks are generally placed on the terrace or roof of the home and filled with large volumes of water. It is necessary to waterproof the water tank in your home as it could weaken the structure of your home and the concrete foundation too.

Bathroom and other wet areas: If the tiling of your home is not done in a professional manner, adjoining areas can be easily affected. The bathroom is prone to dampness and moisture and can lead to flaking which is a bad sight.

External walls: Similar to the terrace, external walls too face identical conditions like rains and harsh sunlight. External walls need to be waterproofed or water can easily seep in and damage internal walls and electrical points in your home. Using waterproofing paint is a recognized solution for beautifying external walls of your home. Approach a professional agency that does external waterproofing in Mumbai to carry out a thorough job.

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