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Leaky Planters

Go Green is the mantra of modern living. Plants are a part of our living habitat inside out. Be it potted plants, plant pits, flower bed or mother earth, we never miss a chance to get it as close to us as possible. The one major force of repulsion for abundant plantation other than carrying and those mosquitoes is leakage.

The first step in a successful plantation program is not just for the growth and suitable green space is that proper care is taken at the initial stage in terms of leakproof design. Engaging waterproofing contractors in Thane will prove to be a good idea for such crucial work. The depth, the channel, the flow of water, the growth of roots and overall weight has to be considered before beginning with the work.

Leakages from planters, be it pots of plant beds within the built form can pose a lot of problems particularly in the spaces below and can also affect the strength of the building. Mother earth can discount any error and can absorb any extent of water but a defined, constructed space can hold only enough and can sustainable only and only if the water-proofing layers are placed properly.

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