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Preformed and Liquid applied Waterproofing Membrane Systems

Waterproofing is an extreme aspect of construction and building structures. Good
waterproofing is important that can have an impact on the life of your home and
hence it is necessary to make use of the best technique and systems in the field.
Most quality conscious waterproofing contractors in Thane utilize processes like
Preformed and Liquid applied Waterproofing Membrane Systems to ensure that the
structure is protected from the effects of water and moisture. Let us discuss both
these techniques in detail:
Liquid Applied Membrane (LAM) Waterproofing Systems
Liquid applied Waterproofing is a method that employs the use of a specially-
formulated liquid, mostly on pitched roofs, domed roofs, flat roofs and on walls too.
The process includes an application of a fully bonded monolithic coating.
 When this coating is cured, it forms a rubber-like elastomeric waterproof
membrane. Liquid Applied Membrane (LAM) are quite flexible and can take
the shape of any surface they are laid on. They also possess properties like
elasticity, strength, tear & weather resistance and Ultra-violet stability.
 Due to their high elasticity, it allows LAM to fill the gaps that have developed
beneath the surface. Such membranes are able to regain their original shape
without any damage to the membrane itself.
 When applied on any surface, LAM encapsulates it and prevents any kind of
weathering that could happen below it.
 LAM can be further strengthened with materials like glass-reinforced plastic or
fibreglass in order to add tensile strength to the membrane. However, this
takes away the capability of the membrane to regain its original shape when
 The application process of Liquid applied membranes are simple and it
provides excellent performance and is economical for both, exposed and
covered roofs.

These systems can be cured quickly which allows the contractor to complete the job
in a day and thus avoid the formation of cold joints.
Pre-formed waterproofing Membrane
This process is also known as sheet-based waterproofing. In this method of
waterproofing, a coating of watertight material is applied on the surface and is
bonded on the surface through the use of a primer, adhesive or torch. The PWM
membrane consists of several thin layers of waterproof materials and composed
together to create a pre-formed waterproofing membrane..
The PWM membrane is available in thicknesses varying from 2 mm to 4 mm and
varying widths of two feet to ten feet, in a roll form. This is chosen by
waterproofing contractors in Mumbai as per the application. The membranes overlap each other
by at least 2 to 4 inches and hot polymer-based adhesives are used to bond them
together. These pre-formed membranes are available in various types like Bitumen,
EPDM, Chemically treated fabric and Bitumen based.

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