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Premature deterioration of structures, its reasons and solutions

Loss of reinforcement quality and deterioration of building structures happens if no or
low-quality waterproofing is done. To avoid this, along with waterproofing, it is also
important to use additional concrete cover in order to protect the steel bars and
reinforce the quality. Concrete covers helps to prevent corrosion of the steel bars
and provides protection in case of fires, thereby contributing significantly to the
stability of the structure and its life too.
Entrusting complete waterproofing of the building to professional waterproofing
contractors in thane can enhance its stability and strength. Adversely, poor
waterproofing can lead to premature deterioration of concrete structures but there
can be a few other reasons for early decay of concrete structures.
 Environmental conditions can cause concrete structures to decay early. For
example, if the building structure is close to the sea, moisture content and
water ingress can cause early damage to concrete structures. Even
monsoons can have an impact on concrete structures. Acid rain and pollution
can dissolve bricks which can expose metal rods and bars, leading to
 Due to excessive fluctuations in temperatures like heating and cooling,
soluble salts, which can be seen as white crystal patches, can find their way
on wall surfaces thus causing extensive damage.
 Hasty and haphazard construction work, poor design structure, improper
amount of cement, improper mixing with high water to cement ratios and poor
construction joints can cause concrete structures to decay at an early stage.
One important form of concrete reinforcement is waterproofing. It is highly
recommended to use the services of experienced waterproofing contractors in
Mumbai to fill in premature cracks to enhance the safety of the entire structure. It will
also provide additional protection from water ingress. For durable and structurally
enhanced structures, optimal concrete cover over steel bars and waterproofing are
the most essential steps to be taken.waterproofing contractors inMumbaiwaterproofingcontractors in thane

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