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The 4 pillar of a Perfect Waterproofing Job


Design and Diagnosis: Modern day construction project are a complex combination of design sensibilities, material selection and multi layered services. The right design and detailing for waterproofing system integration with due respect to construction engineering and understanding of nature forces is the way forward. Each project is unique based on location, requirements or budgets; hence specification gives it the final seal for a sustainable built environment. In case of existing buildings new/old and heritage buildings, the right diagnosis of the specific source of leakage and addressing the same with minimal breakage and impact on peripheral spaces and services is mandatory for a successful rendering of leakage issues.

Application: Skillful water-proofing application for a constructive or curative project is the most important step while addressing leakage issues. Since, these activities are executed on site proper understanding of built form and process is important for person or team of people carrying out the activity on site on filed. As compared to a closed factory environment there are several factors like temperature, humidity, wind speed, rainfall that need to be accounted as they affect the life of the water-proofing layers.

Resources: Materials make up the physical form or shape of a structural. Waterproofing material is manufactured largely by industry leaders with sound knowledge and experience and hence most material available in the market is good. Care needs to be taken while selecting the right material for the desired application and to be used in combination with select surfaces so that proper bonding and necessary elasticity is maintained. Use of reinforcement as required should be provided as per manufacturer’s guidelines.

Tools: Modern Construction is a combination of skilled personnel with suitable tools and machinery. The right selection of tools and machinery helps in carrying out the job at the desired pace with minimal effort and least wastage of the material. Proper maintenance of tools and machinery is equally important given the nature of chemicals used for waterproofing.

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