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Tips To Consider While Choosing Tiles For Your Home

It is certainly a huge challenge to choose the right tile for your home due to the
massive choices available from the leading tile manufacturers in the market. There
are a host of options when it comes to choosing tiles with leading manufacturers
from the tiling industry. There are vitrified tiles, ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, cement
tiles, quartz, stone and glass tiles one can use in a home as per their need and the
room they will be placed in.
Tiles are also considered as a replacement for external waterproofing in Mumbai
and other places due to their durability. Here are a few tips that will help you to
choose tiles for your home:
 The primary step is to decide which type of tile you need. If flooring is being
done, vitrified tiles are your best bet as they are high on durability and are
perfect for high foot traffic. Ceramic or porcelain tiles are ideal as wall tiles
due to their ability to withstand stains and are non-porous too. For outdoors,
choose matt finished or anti-skid tiles which prevent slippage.
 Tiles are available in various sizes so choose according to the room size or its
application. Large size tiles make the room look bigger and spacious. Medium
sized tiles are perfect for mid-sized homes. Ensure there is minimum cutting
involved as this will lead to wastage.
 While choosing tiles for external application like the exterior part of your
home, stone finish tiles are more suitable than porcelain ones. Glossy tiles are
perfect as wall tiles. While selecting tiles for the bedroom, consider wood
finished tiles as they will give a warm feel to it.
Engage reliable waterproofing contractors in Mumbai before carrying out tiling
work to ensure there is no leakage later on. A word of caution: Similar Tile designs
may not be available after a certain period of time so buy some additional quantity in
case of breakage or if extra portion has to be covered.

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