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Waterproofing- A stitch in time saves nine

Every year, water causes massive damage to residential and commercial structures,
thus resulting in loss of lacs of rupees. Water damage related issues affect our lives
at some point through ceiling, basement, bathroom and external water leakage. It
causes flooding in structures that have basements and damage to the foundation of
buildings and independent homes too.
Water damages can start out small but over a period of time, it can metamorphose
into a larger issue thus leading to expenses larger than you expected. If one does
not engage the services of agencies providing external waterproofing in thane at
the right time and proper precautions aren’t taken, it could cause mental and
financial distress to homeowners.
As a homeowner, you could take the below mentioned preventive measures and
save yourself costly repairs:
 A common leak found in most homes is through a running toilet that doesn’t
stop. Put a few drops of ink or food dye in the tank to see if water flows out
into the toilet pot. Try replacing the valve inside the tank to prevent any further
 Old and over-used pipes and fixtures have a tendency to rust and lead to
leakages. Lookout for signs of water accumulation or dripping noises
especially where faucets and fixtures are concerned. Check valve packing for
 Basements are prone to leakages and moisture can lead to them becoming
breeding grounds for mould and fungus. This can cause various respiratory
illnesses and can prove to be harmful to your family.
 If you live in an independent home, check for evidence of leaking outside the
home. Get a professional to carry out a full-fledged inspection of your home
and replace damaged valves or broken pipes.
 Look for bathroom leakage solutions if the wet areas of your home are
under attack from water seepages.
 Watch out for collected mud or soil erosion, both being additional evidences of
a broken pipe. Hire the services of a licensed plumber to find broken pipes
before they make real damage.
 Waterproofing your home can be as minor as making sure water pipes are
correctly fitted, that your connections in your bathroom, kitchen and outside
faucets are leakage-free. It could also go all the way up to widespread work,
like waterproofing your basement or the roof.
It is always advisable to regularly check all potential areas at regular intervals so
there are no hidden surprises. By paying attention to seemingly small but critical
problems, you can ensure these issues do not balloon into larger ones. These
problems are encountered by most homeowners but if they are addressed at the

right time, it will save a lot of mental trauma and you won’t have to break the bank to
carry out repairs.external waterproofing in thanebathroom leakage solutions

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