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Six common mistakes that can ruin your bathroom waterproofing

If there is one area in a home that is constantly exposed to moisture and water, it is the bathroom. This continuous exposure to water leads to dampness while improper tiling and cracks can cause water seepage to floors below and adjoining walls. It is during the construction phase that waterproofing should be carried out by professionals so this problem does not raise its head during later stages.

Engaging professional agencies who carry out external waterproofing in Thane are the best bet. If this is not done, it could lead to expensive repair work and at times rebuilding of the entire structure. Check out the common bathroom waterproofing mistakes given below and avoid them while carrying it out in your home:

  1. Using inferior materials: Substandard waterproofing materials are bound to lose effect in a short time period as they do not last long. This results in leakages and seepages as they are suspect to developing cracks. Use quality material and insist on buying them and handing over to the waterproofing contractor if you are not sure of their integrity.
  2. Wrong application: If the application of the best quality waterproofing products is not carried out properly, your bathroom could still face leakage solutions. Every product has essential guidelines mentioned on its packaging and they should be followed diligently to get the right result.
  3. Substandard Labour: Despite having top quality material, if you have outsourced the job to a novice, it could still ruin your bathroom’s waterproofing in a jiffy. The products have to be applied properly and if the workers are not trained in their job or rush through it, it is a lot of money that will literally go down the drain.
  4. Insufficient Coats: Your bathroom may need several coats of waterproofing for it to have the desired effect. For complete waterproofing to take place, this has to be followed diligently. It can become a costly and difficult job if water seepage is noticed after the tiles are installed.
  5. Insufficient priming/drying time: Every coat needs to be dried properly so that its components fuse with the surfaces well. This leads to long lasting durability but if the priming/drying time is not adhered to, its effectiveness is drastically reduced. The surface on which the waterproofing coat has to be applied should be prepared or primed for use.
  6. Ineffective drainage: The angle or the slope of the bathroom floor is a critical factor while constructing the bathroom. If this isn’t properly maintained, it can lead to water collection and later cause seepage. Proper piping will ensure that water is drained out only through the pipes and keep other areas dry.

It is recommended to award the job to renowned bathroom leakage solutions in Thane only for a thorough and professional job. Take care of these mistakes during the construction phase to avoid costly repairs later.

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