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Everything you wanted to know about Bathroom Waterproofing

With homes becoming modern and trendy, designer bathrooms are a part of any
home makeover. Bathrooms are being designed and curated as per needs and
requirements of its users, with a lot of care and attention being paid to the aesthetics.
Bathrooms are no longer drab and wet rooms. Wall tiles, floor tiles, bathtubs, wash
basins and faucets need to be chosen to suit each other and match the needs of the
Along with aesthetics, the health of the bathroom is a vital area of concern for the homeowner
and this where waterproofing of the bathroom comes into play. It is important
to employ the services of professionals providing bathroom leakage solutions to
ensure a thorough job is carried out. If waterproofing isn’t taken care of, the overall
design is impacted and moisture can lead to a leaky bathroom.
Modern technology has helped to introduce several waterproofing methods when
you consider waterproofing the bathroom that will last for a long time. It is necessary
to take the advice of bathroom waterproofing experts as they know the areas to look
for where moisture is most likely. He will also identify areas that are more likely to get
affected along with possible methods of plugging the leaks.
There are many various options available for bathroom waterproofing. Filling up
cracks in tile and floor joints, fixing the plumbing and installation of sanitary ware and
fixtures. Waterproofing can be easily done after its root cause is identified, especially
with the plethora of modern waterproofing techniques available in the market.
Here are the common and important areas to be checked for leakages in a
 Concealed water pipelines like pipe joints and PVC pipelines
 Pipelines that open near floors and walls
 Area near the shower
 Tile grouts where tiles could be improperly joined
 Wash basins and bathtubs
 Bathroom door jambs
Most leakages occur because the right waterproofing product is not chosen or due to
lack of awareness of various techniques of bathroom waterproofing. Sometimes,
water accumulation takes place since a proper slope is not provided. Due to this
simple mistake, water is unable to flow out easily and will collect near the outlet and
often lead to leakage. Tile joints are plagued by algae and dirt while the bathroom
walls become damp. Due to continuous dampness in the bathroom, bacteria and
fungi become rampant which can affect the health of your family.

Steps to be carried out for a squeaky-clean, dry and leakage-free bathroom:
 Make sure a slope is provided to the bathroom so water can easily move
towards the drain and flow out easily.
 A top quality sealant should be used to seal the tap joints and the drain in the
 Tile joints should be sealed in a neat manner and should be thin. If this basic
principle isn’t followed, it will lead to the accumulation of harmful bacteria and
 The waterproofing membrane should cover an area of about 150 mm from the
wet to the dry area.
 In order to prevent water seepage, the joints between bathroom fixtures and
the wall should be filled with sealant.
While carrying out waterproofing, it is best to take a planned approach to ensure a
thorough and long-lasting job is done. With a systematic approach, it becomes easy
to tackle even the most difficult of tasks. The specifications for floors, walls, tiling and
plumbing lines should be marked and the right slope is accorded so that dry and wet area
are kept separate. You can engage the services of leading waterproofing
contractors in Mumbai as they will use the latest technology and top quality
materials to keep your bathroom leakage-free for years to come.

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