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How water leakages during monsoon can be hazardous to your family’s health

Come monsoon and we all heave a sigh of relief as the harsh summer has taken its
toll and the cool rains provide us with a welcome break. It’s time to sit by the window
with a hot cup of tea and some spicy snacks as accompaniments. However,
monsoons bring many unseen dangers along with it, especially on the health front.
You could be in for some trouble if your home hasn’t been waterproofed and this
could certainly prove to be a costly mistake as a home owner.
Fortunately, technology enables us to carry out Waterproofing in heavy rains too
and this can save the day, but it is always best to get this done before the rains
arrive. Water seepage in your home is capable of spelling disaster for the walls,
ceilings and expensive wood work carried out but it can ruin your family’s health too.
Water leakage in your home during the rainy season can cause respiratory issues. A
moisture-filled atmosphere gives rise to mould which releases tiny spores in the air
and we humans breathe these in. Asthma, wheezing, bronchitis and breathlessness
are common diseases that can be caused due to mould. It is therefore necessary to
tackle the problem of water leakage and seepage through a professionally done
waterproofing job at the earliest possible.
If your home is deprived of direct sunlight and fresh air, there is a strong possibility of
disease bearing micro-organisms growing unhindered. Children are likely to suffer
from skin ailments like eczema and other such ailments that damp and wet homes
breed quite effectively.
You should watch out for seepage problems in and around the wet areas of the
home and quickly work on bathroom leakage solutions from a professional
agency. Monitor the health of your family and if you notice any of the above
mentioned health issues, make sure you act on it by fixing those leakages through

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