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Safety Tips For Your Kitchen’s Wellbeing

Your kitchen is the source of healthy, nutritious and delicious food that the entire
family savours throughout the day. However, the kitchen is filled with equipment like
gas stoves, gas cylinders or gas pipelines, electrical equipment like toasters,
microwaves and mixer grinders. This makes it a place for potential fire hazard and
other disaster.
In order to safeguard the wellbeing of your family, it is necessary to keep the kitchen
safe and free from any such electrical or fire hazards. Ensure that there is no water
leakage near electrical switches and this can be done by engaging expert
waterproofing contractors in mumbai.
You can also take the following precautions to make your kitchen a safe area to work
 It is a sensible option to install non-slip and resilient floor tiles in the kitchen to
prevent a disastrous fall, especially when the floor is wet. Opt for practicality
over designer looks while choosing tiles for the kitchen.
 Ensure the kitchen flooring does not have multiple levels or steps as this can
lead to a nasty accident, especially when the focus is on preparing delicious
food than watching one’s step.
 Think twice before installing curtains in the kitchen. Gas stoves and hot plates
can lead to curtains catching fire as they are inflammable and potential fire
 If you are using gas cylinders, make sure they are placed in a slightly
ventilated place. A closed place will lead to accumulation of gas which could
be dangerous. Ensure the cabinet has perforations to allow the gas to pass in
case of leakage from the cylinder valve.
 Gas stoves should not be placed very close to the kitchen door or the
windows. This will lead to the flame blowing out and this can be dangerous if
you are not aware of it.
Speak to trained personnel while installing electrical switches etc. in the kitchen.
Carry out external waterproofing in Mumbai so there are less chances of water

leakage on to switches in the kitchen. This will help you to maintain a safe and
accident-proof kitchen.

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