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The right way to tile and waterproof your bathroom

If you are planning to undertake the renovation of your home, along with brand new
furniture and painting, make sure that waterproofing is carried out too. Apart from the
external walls, it is important to waterproof the wet areas of your home, especially
the bathroom. Proper waterproofing in wet areas is necessary since leakage of water
into wall and floor spaces can do great damage to the foundation of your home.
There are many professional waterproofing contractors in Mumbai who can be
engaged to waterproof your bathroom in the right manner. Shoddy waterproofing can
lead to extensive repair work and hence it is necessary to choose the right
contractor. Damage done by leakage is generally unobserved since it happens
below the surface and it is quite late by the time we realize it.
For bathroom waterproofing, the contractor will apply a liquid rubber membrane on
areas that are likely to get affected by water, in order to create a sealed area. This
helps to contain any water that might leak through leaky fixtures or improperly fixed
tiles so that it does not damage the area surrounding it. Edges and corners have to
be sealed first by using silicon, which will not damage the liquid rubber membrane
that has been applied earlier. A polyester fabric bandage is also used at times to
create what is termed as a bond breaker. This bandage is flexible and ensures the
membrane does not break due to small movements in the building structure.
The waterproofing membranes should be painted below the polyfab bandage edges
so that it adheres to the walls. This is done using a roller and most waterproofing
contractors in thane prefer applying two coats where one coat is applied
horizontally while the second one is applied vertically.

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  1. Mihir says:

    I thoroughly agree with you. Aesthetics matter but are secondary. If the waterproofing for a house are not done properly then the chances of your house staying intact are few. You should never neglect waterproofing issues and it is best to create a waterproofing checklist at the beginning and make sure each aspect is covered. Great share!

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